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Media Center

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Ms. Hovey-Media Office Clerk               [email protected]


      No Food or Drinks Allowed

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Media Center Rules

*All Students must sign in upon entering the Media Center.

*No food, gum, candy, or drinks are allowed in the Media Center.

*Technology must be used according to the Acceptable Use of District Technology Policy. Use of the Media Center and computers is a privilege, inappropriate behavior will result in loss of morning Media Center privileges and the student will not be allowed in the Media Center before school.  

 Please listen to announcements as the Media Center is occasionally closed in the morning. Students must stay until the 8:00 a.m.bell rings.  The only time students are allowed to leave the Media Center is to go to the cafeteria for breakfast and they must do so before 7:45 a.m.  Students must come prepared to do their work/project in the morning as they are not allowed to go to their lockers when they enter the building, they must go directly to the Media Center. 

Book Checkout Policies

*Book checkouts are for 2 weeks. We do NOT charge for overdue books. Please return or renew if not finished reading.

*Reference Material checkouts are for overnight only (must be checked out during 6th hour and returned before 1st hour).

*Checkout limit is 2 items per student and must show student ID.

*Students with overdue items are not allowed to check anything out until the overdue item is returned. (CHECK TO MAKE SURE NO BOOKS ARE LAYING AROUND THE HOUSE, YOUR CAR, LOCKERS OR LOST AND FOUND. THANK YOU)

*Students owing fines for lost or damaged books will have their library checkout privileges suspended until the fine is paid or the book is returned. If  this is not taken care of, fines will be entered into Powerschool. 

Online Resources for Research and Homework

Career Cruising

Gale Group


Michigan Electronic Library (MEL)

SIRS Discoverer

World Book

United Streaming

Students choose Young Adult books to read

As a library, we encourage all students to read. We try to have reading material that will appeal to all of our students. What may be appropriate for a 7th grader may not be appropriate for a 9th grader and vice versa. Be aware of what your student is reading. If you don't consider it appropriate for your student, simply have your student return the material or materials to the Media Center.

Microsoft Office Converter

If you have Microsoft Office 2003 or 2007 and you install this converter on your computer, your student should be able to open the document he or she saved at school in Microsoft Office 2010.

Office converter from Microsoft

Public Libraries

Sterling Heights Public Library

Shelby Township Library

City of Utica Library

Clinton-Macomb Public Library

Macomb County Library

Make a Difference Award

The “Make a Difference” Award is given on an annual basis to individuals who have made a significant positive impact on the educational experience of a special needs student. The nominee must be presently employed by a school district within Macomb County or the MISD. As parents, we feel that it is important to recognize these people who have had a positive effect on the lives of our children.

Please consider the following criteria when completing your nomination. The candidate for this award must have the following characteristics, but is not
limited to:

 Communicate with you as a parent
 Excite students to reach their maximum potential
 Meet your child’s individual needs
 Help to increase your child’s self-esteem
 Demonstrate team member skills

Criteria supporting the nominee must accompany all nominations!
Describe in detail the impact this special person has had on your child’s educational experience.

You may nominate a teacher, paraprofessional, support personnel (OT, PT, social worker, psychologist, speech pathologist) or any school personnel who is involved in your child’s education.