Return To School

Dear Parent/Guardians:

We celebrated very important milestones in Utica Community Schools over the past couple weeks.  For the first time since March 13, we welcomed students in special education programs and nearly 3,000 kindergarten and first grade students as they returned to in-person learning.

Our partnership has led to creative and safe solutions

With a global pandemic underway, the safety of your child and your child’s teacher is something we take seriously.  We pledged from the beginning that our first priority is the health and safety of all students, staff and families.

We took a measured approach that engaged parents, community members, health experts, teachers, staff members, and building leaders to create a shared direction with safety in the forefront.  This return to school would be not possible without the literally tens of thousands of school community members working together to create new routines and connections that mitigate risk in this difficult environment.

The Next Stage

Together, we are ready to take the next step of transitioning to in-person learning. At the right is a timeline as the district strategically welcomes groups of students back to in-person instruction.  Families are also receiving information from your school principal on specific timelines for your child’s return as well as an updated parent handbook that details safety protocols and services to support this reopening.

Health and Safety and our Educational Mission

While full in-person learning remains our goal, many districts around the state and nation started in-person instruction only to be forced to close buildings due to outbreaks.  Our focus is to avoid these disruptions.  Through a measured timeline, we can evaluate our health and safety assumptions at each grade level, while ensuring the health and safety of students and staff.  If necessary, we can pause if outbreaks occur.

UCS reflects our country:  Some feel we are moving too quickly; others feel we are much too slow.  Regardless of where people stand, and we listen to all perspectives, our commitment is to have all students back in the classroom, but only when a safe and positive learning environment can occur.

Over the past two weeks, there were eager teachers, building leaders and support staff members waiting at the school doors and bus stops to greet students. This was and is a moment to celebrate!  Reopening is becoming a reality.  Thank you for your patience and support as we walk through this unique time.  Working together, we are succeeding.


Robert S. Monroe

Interim Superintendent